Where Is The Best Place To Find Expired Domains?

Need some expired domains?

Recently, I started getting interested in buying and selling domains online. After doing loads of research over the past 3-4 weeks, I have come to realize that this is a never ending cycle of research. Be ready to spend hours and days researching as much as you can through the online resources you’ve found. I have gathered some good websites you can use for finding out good expired domains. When I say good, I mean statistically active domain authority!


Expired Domains 

expired domains

This website is FREE. You can use it without registering for an account, but you have limited options. Once you register with expired domains you’ll be able to filter the search results to your liking.

GoDaddy Auctions 


This company is the leader in domains and hosting. They just registered there IPO on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange. Godaddy Auctions is the place where all the domains that expire get listed. You will need to register an account with Goddady Auctions in order to bid or sell. They also provide little stats on the domain like the number of bids placed, market price, traffic and valuation

It’s a simple process! Once you click on a auction domain details will appear that will guide you in more information about the domain in question. The best time to grab a domain is 10 minutes within the ending time. This is where it becomes competitive and ugly and you gotta be ready for the battle.


NameCheap Domains



I prefer using NAMECHEAP for registering my domains. They have a good deal on .com’s and they’re platform is almost a million times better than Godaddy! They have a list of domains available for purchase in the marketplace section of the website. You will be able to simplify the process in picking domains with the statistics they have available on there dashboard.





This website is very handy for someone that wants to search for expired domains with lots of stats in mind. The website offers lovely stats for anyone looking to check the DA and PA of any expired or expiring domain.




This company has gathered some domain reputation over the last 2 years. They offer some legit expired domains and have an easy checkout process that is user friendly.



This is one of my favorite websites for expired domains. You will need to get a membership which costs about 60$ a month. The expired domains business does not come cheap! With $60 a month you will be able to track the following stats when looking at expired domains: Page Rank, SEM rush rank, DA, PA, Trust Flow and Citation Flow. They also have wayback machine which is very useful for people trying to figure out what the website was in the past. WAYBACK machine saves a screenshot of sites all around the world during random times.



This website has 3 options you can select when you visit there homepage. Are you a Domain Investor, SEO expert or a Website owner. You then click on sign up and it offers you 3 sets of prices with different options in each package. The Advanced package offers:

  • 100 Unique Analytics
  • 15 Data Feeds
  • 8 million domains

It seems like I wouldn’t use this site based on the layout of the website. I didn’t feel attracted to this company’s website. Maybe if they changed the layout it would be easier to look around for expired domains on Dropping.com.



This is another one offering the most desired domain names which have expired. Whether you are looking for investment on domain names or for development purposes, they have it all for you in an easy and wonderful manner. Why I included this one was for its award winning technology to brings the best and easy to use platform for users to participate in domain auctions, backorder requests and management of account information. After all, we all need a reliable place to invest our hard earned money.

This business is all about finding that one magical domain that will make you lots of money… Maybe even go VIRAL? Sure, go over to FLIPPA and check out all the domains they have selling for over $1000. I suggest you guys do some good research on this type of business because it will blow up in the next couple of years. Eventually there will be a stockmarket for domains! You will be able to buy shares of a domain and depending on how well the website does, the more money you will be able to make.