Which Software Can Help Me Make Money Online?


Making Money Online With Software

Making money online may seem difficult to someone who’s just starting out with their online ventures.  Although, with the right guidance and necessary tools provided, it becomes quite easy to accomplish the mammoth task. Webmasters to programmers and bloggers, everyone uses online software to boost their business; some of these software programs need a little learning curve while others can be used freely without much effort on your end. Here is a list of some of the best software you might need to make money online:

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is a powerful image editing software from Adobe, just dedicate a few hours a day learning Photoshop and you could start earning a significant amount of cash each day. For someone new to Photoshop must know it’s not just your regular photo editing tool; Photoshop allows you to create and edit existing images, add amazing effects, create banners, logos, flyers, photo restoration and much more. Join the team of freelancers round the globe who are using this software to potentially earn hundreds of dollars each day. Obviously to get to a stage where you could make some serious cash requires a greater understanding of the tool and its different elements. With extensive documentation and hundreds of video tutorials, it won’t take long to learn and master the Photoshop.

Google Webmaster’s Tools

seo-google-webmaster tools
Every webmaster acknowledges the relevance of webmaster tools, its free and great starting point for those trying to optimize their website for search engines and users alike. Compared to other online tools, Google Webmaster Tools is highly advanced with extensive documentation, making it quite convenient to use. Here are some features of this incredible piece of software.

  • Provides data on crawl results, rank and index of your website.
  • Provides data on keywords that are ranking on Google, also give insights on daily traffic to your website from Google and the search query entered by the users to get to your website.
  • It shows the number of incoming links, i.e. the information about websites or blogs linking to your site.
  • Alerts you regarding any safety threats to your website ex: malwares, viruses and phishing scripts etc.

Screen Recorder

Screen Recorders help you record your computer screen activities into video files of different formats. At this point you might be thinking, is there a way to utilize this tool to earn money online? Well thousands of people use screen recorders to earn a hefty amount of cash each day. Just record a video like programming or designing tutorials, game walk-throughs, movie reviews and upload it to websites like YouTube to earn commission for each view.

Email Autoresponders

The relevance of email marketing in an online business cannot be overlooked. It’s the key of generating huge income for any business. However, the effectiveness of email marketing primarily depends upon the efficiency of email auto-responder. From storing the collected leads to scheduling the mails, auto-responders automate the process of handling your subscribers. Some general features of auto-responder include adding files to email, viewing statics of sales, validating email addresses and keeping track of revenues and subscriptions.