Which Social Media Brands Are Most Important

social media branding

If you want to go for online branding, you should make use of the social media platform in the best possible way. The spread of information will be very quick through social media. The impact of social media should not be ignored by startups as well as established business units. It is very much important to have your brand name on social media so that your competitor or others will not occupy it. You should set up a primary account and steps should be taken to promote your website.

Popular social media platforms

Some of the popular social media platforms for online branding are Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube and LinkedIn. You can also setup account on Pinterest, Instagram and Foursquare.


  1. A Facebook page can be created to promote your business. The username that you claim from Facebook should be convenient for users. A profile image should depict the picture clearly. You can use the brand logo or stamp so that the message will be conveyed properly. A cover image can be uploaded so that you will be able to make the most of your investment.
  2. You should complete the ‘About Us’ page and contacts should be filled properly so that prospective customers will contact you very easily. The short description can be used prominently to convey a brief message about your business.


  • There is no differentiation between a personal and business account. You should get a username which will become part of the URL. The profile image, header image and background should be filled with relevant images and color schemes. A thumbnail of the profile image will be displayed on websites. Hence, you can use the opportunity for branding in a very efficient way.

Google Plus

  • By using Google Plus, it is possible to implement local SEO in the best possible way. After signing into your Google account, you should choose the category that best describes your business. The appropriateness of the content should be confirmed. You should also provide the phone number, and it should be verified. A link will be produced, and it can be placed on your website so that your profile and website will be linked. The content and profile information should be up-to-date. The business mailing address should be confirmed on the Google Dashboard.


  • To promote your website, you can use YouTube in a very efficient way. As you present useful videos, they will get quick attention. Product demonstrations, testimonials and placement of human face on the brand will be done very easily through YouTube.
  • You can sign in to YouTube with your existing Google account. You can create a new channel, and the channel can be named relevant to your business. Business name or branded username can be presented so that people will find you very easily. In the ‘About’ tab, you should provide a description for the channel.


  • If you are in B2B space, you can use LinkedIn in a very efficient way. The company name and business email address should be used so that the promotion can be done in the best possible way