Some Hidden Ways To Get YouTube Views For Your Videos


Have you ever wondered why there are instant YouTube celebrities? What makes them buy youtube views with their kind of videos? You might be asking a lot of questions, but the real thing about that is they get a lot of attention than your videos. Nothing is really different, the only thing is that how you approach your own target audience. Creating a good impression in your videos will really make people remember you.

So if you are still asking how do I get more YouTube views? Creativity is the best answer. Being innovative will lead more subscribers, like and buy real youtube views So how will you do that? Below are some of the creative and effective ways of getting more YouTube views.

  1. You should have an eye catching title. Make it short and brief. This should give interest to the viewers.
  2. Get those annotations. These are the instant pop ups in between videos. This will surely increase your subscribers as this will lead them to your links.
  3. Have a Retention panel, which can really make people hold on to your videos. A very creative and easy way of campaigning your videos. Viewers will be staying in an average of 60-90 percent of the length of your


  4. Clarity is the key. High resolution and clear voice with great music can make viewers stick to your videos.
  5. Create a unique content. Something that differs from the other videos. For example if you are into making videos about music chart, you can make comparisons from the old version and the new version. People would love to be amazed especially if that is their first time to see videos like the ones you have.
  6. Create channel trailers. How do I get more YouTube views with this one? Simple, this is one of the creative ways that makes people want more out of a short span of time.This would give viewers a lead as to why they should be subscribing to your channel. In this way more subscribers would line up for your channel.
  7. Unique kind of playlist should be in your list. For viewers to keep hooked on to your videos, present a list of playlist in your videos. For sure this will make viewers click more of your videos and not on the other videos.

These 7 creative ways of getting more buy views on youtube would definitely make you popular. This will make you on top of the search results in YouTube. With these, you no longer worry and no longer ask yourself as to how do I get more YouTube views. Start now and be flooded with views.