5 Reasons Why WordPress Is Popular

Have you always wondered why people choose WordPress as there web engine?

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world. WordPress powers about 22.5% of the websites. The share of the WordPress in CMS is more than 50%. Beyond the blogging platform, the CMS offers great features so that you can manage a fully functional e-commerce website as well without any issues. The open source software is available free so that you can download from the internet and you can begin your journey.

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There are hundreds of FREE Themes

You can find useful features with WordPress! The website can be customized very easily by using the free themes. As you choose a new theme, the appearance will change, and it is possible to present a website that is free from all clutters.

Check out this section for free themes: https://en-ca.wordpress.org/themes/

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There is a huge community for WordPress

As there is a huge community dedicated to the development of new themes and plug-ins, it is possible to get quick solutions. The website will be up and running without any issues as you will get help from experts. The customization of the website can be done in the best possible way by choosing available options. It is also possible to hire a developer so that new themes and plug-ins will be developed to enhance the performance of the website.

Developers have thousands of Plugins that will make your life easier

There are various kinds of plug-ins through which the functionality of the website is very much enhanced. If you install SEO plug-in, there will be a great change in the visibility of your website. An impressive website can be maintained so that it will serve the needs of customers very efficiently. New features can be implemented on the website by installing new plug-ins. It is possible to face the competitor by installing the best plug-ins. If you are new to WordPress, you will get guidance from experts. The WordPress community is ever growing. You can register in various forums to get updates about new plug-ins. There are free as well as paid plug-ins which can be selected and customized as per your needs.

It’s easy to learn and manage on your own

WordPress is easy to learn. You will be able to go through the code, and the site can be managed with little expertise. If you are good in HTML, JavaScript, PHP and MySql, the website can be maintained very easily. Beginners will be able to learn the CMS very easily. Advanced users will be able to implement new features after experimenting them on a live website. There will be a great improvement in the productivity when the website can be managed very efficiently.

It has very good plugins for Search Engine Optimization

The popularity of your website will increase by using plug-ins which enhance SEO. You can optimize the content very efficiently by using the CMS. It is possible to promote your site to new heights, and you can reach targeted audience very easily. The link building will be done very efficiently and you can post comments on other blogs and websites very easily. The performance can be tracked and best alternative measures can be implemented so that you can make the most of your investment.